• Fidchell

In 1932 a board was found in a crannog (lake dwelling) in Ballinderry, Ireland. It contained a 7 X 7 grid of holes, and was decorated with designs used in the 10th century. Many scholars believed it to be a Fidchell (Fithcheal, or Fitchneal) or "Brandubh" game mentioned in early Irish legends, and related to Scandinavian Tafl games. These were the games of choice in Northern Europe prior to the introduction of Chess. The defenders win if the king escapes to the edge of the board, and the attackers win by surrounding the king. The set also includes a simulated sheep knucklebone for use as dice for a Welsh variation. The knotwork decoration is our own interpretation of the carving on the Ballinderry Game Board. To our knowledge we are the only company to produce a game board directly based on the Ballinderry games artifact.
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Watch our video for a quick overview of how we like to play it.


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