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Ballinderry game board Image scanned from The World of Games, by Jack Bottermans (English edition by Facts on File, NY, 1989)

The Ballinderry Game Board was found in 1932 during the excavation of a "crannog", or lake dwelling at Ballinderry, West Meath, Ireland. The board is 9.5 inches square. The border decorations carved into it are similar to those found on the Isle of Man dating from the 10th century A.D. Although scholars have argued whether it is an example of "Fidchell," or "Brandubh" board (both games mentioned in early Irish texts) they generally agree it is probably related to Scandinavian "Tafl" games. Our Fitchneal game. See also our article on Fitchneal and Celtic games in issue 23 ofRenaissance Magazine.
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