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Deer Bone Hnefatafl/Morris Sets
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Deer Bone Hnefatafl/Morris Sets

These pieces are made from the toe bones from inside the deers' hoofs. The defending army is stained a dark brown, and the attackers are left the natural bone color. The height of the pieces can vary from a little over 1 inch up to 2 inches, but we match the pieces so that each set has a consistant look.
These are limited edition sets that we are able to offer only 3, or 4 sets a year.

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  • $200.00
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Legal Note:
Minnesota State hunting regulations say:

"...a person may possess, transport, buy, or sell the following inedible portions of lawfully taken or acquired big game, furbearers, and game birds (other than migratory birds): bones (including skulls), sinews, hides, hooves, teeth, claws, and antlers."

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