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    Due to a change in fabric suppliers we're reformating the board so we're discounting the remaining copies of the old version

    Our most popular multi-player game!

    Pope Joan Game

    Pope Joan 2 to 6 players An 18th century ancestor to modern Rummy Royale, Tripoly & Michigan Rummy. The name is from a Medieval myth that Pope John VIII was a woman. Easy to learn, but fast-moving enough for experienced card players.

    The board is divided into eight "bowls." Players win chips/coins out of the bowls as they play the face cards of the trump suit. The first player to get rid of his cards wins the hand and the other player have to pay the winner one coin for card they have left in their hand.

    Also includes Poch 4 to 8 players. A German game from the 1440's using a similar board. It is a cross between a game like Pope Joan and betting games like Poker. Both require a standard deck of cards (not included). Queen Nazareen a related 17th century game that can be played without the board.

    Color of game pieces may vary.

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    • 1 set of Lord & Lady Dice
    • 1 pair of Ancient Dice
    • 1pair Dragon Dice
    • 1pair Nightmare Dice
    • 5 Knucklebones
    • 6 standard wooden dice
    • 1 Put & Take
    • Booklet of period dice games.

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    • $60.00
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    One of each of our reproduction playings cards plus your choice of one of our Tarot decks.

    1 English deck, 1 French Deck, 1 German Deck, 1 Civil War Deck
    1 Tarot Games Booklet, 1 Early Card games Booklet
    Your Choice of Tarot deck

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    Plus a free deck of period cards

    Morris, Fidchell & Pope Joan

    The first two are 2-person strategy games that are easy to learn (See videos below) Pope Joan is a multi-player card game that is a ancestor to Michigan Rummy, Tripoli or Rummy Royale and is easy to learn even for non-card players, but fast moving enough for experienced players.

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  • Limited Edition

    For centuries a 5-pointed star has been a charm against evil. The Medieval story of Sir Gawaine and the Green Knight claimed that it represented the 5 wounds inflicted on Christ, and therefore demons are terrified of it. Another explanation is that it represents Man (or God), plus the elements: Earth, Air, Fire, Water.

    Our original "Pentalpha" design uses both interpretations. The rose symbolizes the Crown of Thorns, and Celtic motifs represent elements: A stag & oak leaves=earth, A bird=air, Celtic sea serpents=water, and a flame with Pictish spirals=fire. Man is represented by a Celtic a "beard-puller" motif.

    Printed on a dark green T-shirt and available in sizes medium through 4XL


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  • For those of you who wish to use a piece of my art as a tattoo, I ask that you make a purchase or contribute a small donation in support of my art. As a tiny operation, our game and my art is how I make a living and your support allows me to continue sharing my research and artistic visions.

    As an artist, I feel it is the highest honor to learn that somone want to tattoo my work on their body. I am truly grateful for your admiration and patronage of my art. And I am not one to stand in the way of artistic love, so if an image strikes you in such a way, by all means you have my permission to get it tattooed. In return, I ask that you support Rose & Pentagram Design in some way. Preferably by purchasing an item or making a small donation. The ability to create meaningful images is not limitless. This is why I ask that you spare a small amount to support the printshop and pay homage to the artist.

    If you or your tattoo artist posts a picture of the tattoo, a small credit to with a hashtag to Rose & Pentagram Design us or our URL is much appreciated.

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