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  • Save $5.00 over purchasing our dice separately!

    • 1 set of Lord & Lady Dice
    • 1 pair of Ancient Dice
    • 1pair Dragon Dice
    • 1pair Nightmare Dice
    • 5 Knucklebones
    • 6 standard wooden dice
    • 1 Put & Take
    • Booklet of period dice games.

    • $60.00 per set + shipping
    • $60.00
  • Save $6.00 over ordering our cards separately

    One of each of our reproduction playings cards plus your choice of one of our Tarot decks.

    1 English deck, 1 French Deck, 1 German Deck, 1 Civil War Deck
    1 Tarot Games Booklet, 1 Early Card games Booklet
    Your Choice of Tarot deck

    Save $6.00 compared to ordering them separately

    $45.00 + shipping

    • $46.00
  • $10.00 off our three most popular games!

    Plus a free deck of period cards

    Morris, Fidchell & Pope Joan

    The first two are 2-person strategy games that are easy to learn (See videos below) Pope Joan is a multi-player card game that is a ancestor to Michigan Rummy, Tripoli or Rummy Royale and is easy to learn even for non-card players, but fast moving enough for experienced players.

    $65.00 + shipping

    • $65.00
  • Limited Edition

    For centuries a 5-pointed star has been a charm against evil. The Medieval story of Sir Gawaine and the Green Knight claimed that it represented the 5 wounds inflicted on Christ, and therefore demons are terrified of it. Another explanation is that it represents Man (or God), plus the elements: Earth, Air, Fire, Water.

    Our original "Pentalpha" design uses both interpretations. The rose symbolizes the Crown of Thorns, and Celtic motifs represent elements: A stag & oak leaves=earth, A bird=air, Celtic sea serpents=water, and a flame with Pictish spirals=fire. Man is represented by a Celtic a "beard-puller" motif.

    Printed on a dark green T-shirt and available in sizes medium through 4XL


    $15. + shipping

    • $15.00
  • For those of you who wish to use a piece of my art as a tattoo, I ask that you make a purchase or contribute a small donation in support of my art. As a tiny operation, our game and my art is how I make a living and your support allows me to continue sharing my research and artistic visions.

    As an artist, I feel it is the highest honor to learn that somone want to tattoo my work on their body. I am truly grateful for your admiration and patronage of my art. And I am not one to stand in the way of artistic love, so if an image strikes you in such a way, by all means you have my permission to get it tattooed. In return, I ask that you support Rose & Pentagram Design in some way. Preferably by purchasing an item or making a small donation. The ability to create meaningful images is not limitless. This is why I ask that you spare a small amount to support the printshop and pay homage to the artist.

    If you or your tattoo artist posts a picture of the tattoo, a small credit to with a hashtag to Rose & Pentagram Design us or our URL is much appreciated.

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