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 Ask the Groomporter

My blog / micro podcast about the history of games. Submit your question about the history of games and I'll do my best to give you an answer.


I'm most active on Facebook, often posting links about the history of games, toys and gambling, as well as current projects I'm working on, and events we are attending.



I primarily use Tumblr for my Celtic knotwork projects including "in progress" pictures as well as the occasional knotwork by other artists that I like.



I'm always watching for pictures of early games and images of games in historic paintings and art on Pinterest.



Flickr is where you can find the most comprehensive gallery of past work.

Short video looks at our games, my Celtic Art, and occasional miscellaneous nonsense.

The Celtic History Newsletter
I write an E-newsletter on various topics related to Celtic history and culture that usually comes out every month. You can subscribe at the link above.