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Protect your castle from an attacking army

Ringo is related to a family of games including Fox & Geese, Fidchell, and Hnefatafl which are all based on battles between unequal forces. The game is said to be German originally and we think it may date back as far as the 1700's. It's a little like checkers in a circle because you can jump pieces to capture them. The smaller army is given an advantage in movement to make up for it's size as it defends the center space, or castle tower from the attacker. We affectionately call Ringo an "evil little game" because the circular board and a "neutral zone" add intriguing twists.

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We're not sure about the age of Ringo, but we have seen an photo of an 18th century game board that the book it was in described as Ringo. It did not have "neutral zone" on that board, so our guess is that the neutral zone may be something that was added to the game at some point.

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