Portable Fabric Games

Our portable games are printed with durable, heat-set ink, and are completely machine-washable.

They include pieces, rules, a brief history of the game.

They come packaged in a plain canvas draw-string pouch so they  do not stand out as a modern item in your historical reenacting kit, or at a Renaissance fair.

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  • $10.00 off our three most popular games!

    Plus a free deck of period cards

    Morris, Fidchell & Pope Joan

    The first two are 2-person strategy games that are easy to learn (See videos below) Pope Joan is a multi-player card game that is a ancestor to Michigan Rummy, Tripoli or Rummy Royale and is easy to learn even for non-card players, but fast moving enough for experienced players.

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  • A  Hnefatafl game inspired by a game board found in the excavation of the 9th century Gokstad Ship Burial
    Made by us here in Minnesota

     "Tafl" games are said to have been played by Norse cultures as early as 400 A.D., and were imported by the Vikings to Iceland, Britain, and Ireland. They were the primary strategy games in Northern Europe prior to Chess. Unlike Chess, or Checkers which are fought by equal armies from opposite sides of the board, "Tafl" games involve a single king and his defenders in the center of the board surrounded by a larger army of attackers.

    Our version is inspired by an unusual fragment of a game board found with the 9th century Gokstad Ship Burial discovered in Norway. The board fragment appeared to have a 13 x 13 grid on one side and a 9-Man Morris game on the opposite side. Traditionally, surviving boards are fairly plain, but to make it easier to set up we have identified the starting layout with simple knotwork designs. The king is inspired by a sheep bone game piece found in Oxfordshire, England. We also include a facsimile sheep knucklebone as an option for playing a variation which may have used dice.
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  • Our limited edition Dual Chess Set includes our fabric game boards for both "Byzantine" (circular) Chess and, Standard Chess, wooden Chess pieces, wooden checkers, two variations in rules for Byzantine Chess, and our booklet of 20 variations on Checkers. It also comes with a handy wooden tube for storing and transporting the game set.

    The game boards are about 17" square and are machine washable.

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    Due to a change in fabric suppliers we're reformating the board so we're discounting the remaining copies of the old version

    Our most popular multi-player game!

    Pope Joan Game

    Pope Joan 2 to 6 players An 18th century ancestor to modern Rummy Royale, Tripoly & Michigan Rummy. The name is from a Medieval myth that Pope John VIII was a woman. Easy to learn, but fast-moving enough for experienced card players.

    The board is divided into eight "bowls." Players win chips/coins out of the bowls as they play the face cards of the trump suit. The first player to get rid of his cards wins the hand and the other player have to pay the winner one coin for card they have left in their hand.

    Also includes Poch 4 to 8 players. A German game from the 1440's using a similar board. It is a cross between a game like Pope Joan and betting games like Poker. Both require a standard deck of cards (not included). Queen Nazareen a related 17th century game that can be played without the board.

    Color of game pieces may vary.

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  • Our most popular two-player game!
    One of man's oldest strategy games. Played by princes & peasants for 3,000 years, Morris is simple enough for children, yet the strategies can interest adults. The object is to form "mills"(3-in-a-row). When a you make a mill, you can steal an opponent's piece. You win by reducing the opponent to just 2 men. Early versions were played with 9 pieces, but in the 14th century diagonal lines were added to the board and was played with 12 men.

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  • Fidchell

    In 1932 a board was found in a crannog (lake dwelling) in Ballinderry, Ireland. It contained a 7 X 7 grid of holes, and was decorated with designs used in the 10th century. Many scholars believed it to be a Fidchell (Fithcheal, or Fitchneal) or "Brandubh" game mentioned in early Irish legends, and related to Scandinavian Tafl games. These were the games of choice in Northern Europe prior to the introduction of Chess. The defenders win if the king escapes to the edge of the board, and the attackers win by surrounding the king. We include 4 different game variations included in the rules. The set also includes a simulated sheep knucklebone for use as dice for a Welsh variation. The knotwork decoration is our own interpretation of the carving on the Ballinderry Game Board. To our knowledge we are the only company to produce a game board directly based on the Ballinderry games artifact.

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    Due to a change in fabric suppliers we're reformating the board so we're discounting the remaining copies of the old version

    Includes our newly updated rules booklet with over 30 variations!

    (Full list of variations below)
    The rules for Cribbage were codified in the 1600's, and are descended from a older game "Noddy" dating from the 1500's. We include Noddy, three 17th century versions, as well as modern variations for 2 to 6 players!.

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    Not quite what you want? See all our Cribbage boards.


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  • Glückshaus

    A German dice game that used a betting board and dates back to at least the 1500. The name translates as house of "luck," or "fortune." Players take turns rolling the dice and and must pay, or win "coins" from the board. Most traditional boards were fairly plain, but we dressed ours up a little -inspired partially by one of the more elaborate surviving examples.

    Includes the basic rules, as well as the rules for "Pinke" a Yiddish version, a drinking version “The Seven Drinks.” and  the “Harlequin Game” a Dutch variant.
    Includes dice and 50 glass drops to use as chips.

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  • Protect your castle from an attacking army

    Ringo is related to a family of games including Fox & Geese, Fidchell, and Hnefatafl which are all based on battles between unequal forces. The game is said to be German originally and we think it may date back as far as the 1700's. It's a little like checkers in a circle because you can jump pieces to capture them. The smaller army is given an advantage in movement to make up for it's size as it defends the center space, or castle tower from the attacker. We affectionately call Ringo an "evil little game" because the circular board and a "neutral zone" add intriguing twists.

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  • Checkers

    - Bored with checkers? We include 20 different variations! (Full list of Variations below) In our favorite Irish Draughts you must move one of your men the number of squares indicated by rolling a die -even if it endangers your piece. We include dice with each set of checkers.

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  • Backgammon:
    Backgammon is one of the oldest, most consistantly popular games in Western history. There are variations that date back to Ancient Rome making it older than Chess. It is actually part of a large family of games once referred to as "Tables" that were played on the same type of board. We include 30 variations on Backgammon games with our set, including the ancient Roman version (full list of variations below).

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