Tarot Card Games
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Tarot Card Games

Tarot Games and History
Tarot cards were used for playing card game long before they were used for divination. So we've written a booklet with a short history of them and included six games including the earliest surviving tarot games dating to the 17th century. The basic games are trick taking games using the Major Arcana as a trump suit.

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Games included in booklet

Two versions of 17th Century French Tarot games, La Rigueur, 17th Century Swiss Tarot, Tarok, Triomphe Forcée


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A Wicked Pack of Cards: Origins of the Occult Tarot

The authors, experts in the fields of art history, games, and the tarot, trace the history of the tarot deck from its origins in the game room to its current role in occult circles. Their thorough research cuts through the misconceptions and glamorization surrounding the cards' rather mundane beginnings, while revealing the rich history of psychological, political, and religious influences on our perceptions of what is now a common tool of many occult practitioners.

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