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Alphonso X's Book of Games

a 13th century Spanish manuscript.

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  • Download a zip file of the rules for all of the games we have sold over the last 25 years in PDF format.

    Now including short video tutorials for some of our games and a newly updated collection of Cribbage variations.

    Includes histories and multiple variations in rules for:

    Backgammon (32 variations) Checkers (20 variations)
    Cribbage (34 variations) Dominos (19 variations)
    13 Early Card Games 18 Early Dice Games
    Mancala (20 variations) Tarot Card Games
    Pope Joan (and three related games)
    9-Man & 12-man Morris (plus two other variations)
    plus rules for Hnefatafl, Fidchell, Ringo, Gluckshaus, and Shut the Box

    Mac and Windows compatable. About 345 MB

    Some customers have gotten errors opening the zip file with WINZIP, but WINRAR seems to work. We are looking into the problem.


    If you don't receive the Email with the downloard link, check for it in your spam folder.

    • $10.00
  • My collection of research on man-powered wood turning

    Included in the files:

    • All 86 plates from Denis Diderot's  L'art du Tourneur (1775)
    • Selected plates from Charles Plumier's D'art de Tourner (1706)
    • All the turning-related plates from from Joseph Moxon's Mechanick Exercises (1678)
    • Dozens of other illustrations I have collected, as well as notes that I have made on the history of turning from various primary and secondary sources.
    • Simple design plans for the two lathes I have built and experimented with.

    Mac and Windows compatable.

    Simply use this link to download the zipped file

    No need to go through the shopping cart.


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