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Hand crafted
Historic & Modern Novelty Dice

All designs © Rose & Pentagram Design

Our dice are intended to represent the hand-made, bone, or ivory dice of the past. They are produced in small batches using hand-poured molds in a durable resin, and each one is individually hand ground to clean up the mold lines, and then stained to mark the pips and bring out the details.

WARNING: CHOKING HAZARD-Small Parts. Not For Children Under 3 Years.


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  • 7-sided Dice from the 13th century
    Two styles of 7-sided dice based on those portrayed in the "Book of Games" a manuscript commissioned by Aphonso X circa 1280 A.D. One is a 7-sided "log" die about 2" long, the other is a short polygon with 5 square faces and two five-sided faces. approximately 3/4." Molded in resin to simulate bone or ivory.

    They were used with a form of 7-player Backgammon and a variation on Chess which was played on a board 10 squares on each side and extra pieces, the dice were used to determine which Chess piece you could move.

    These dice can land with one corner facing up, so they were apparently scored by counting the the upper-most side that lands facing the player who rolled the die.

    Although we are attempting to simulate hand-made dice based on a historic example, we took our master copies of these dice to a modern machine shop to mill the faces accurately in order to make them as random as possible.

    When rolling the pentagonal die you can feel which way it is facing in your hand and effect the outcome. Therefore to get a more random result we recommend using some form of dice cup.
    The "log" version works best if you "roll" it out of your hand rather than "throwing" it.

    Set of 2 Dice
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  • If you have the dungeon, we have the dragons!

    This poor little dragon looks like he has been gambling with a wizard - and caught cheating! He has been compressed into a cube, and marked like a standard die, but his face and wings are still clearly visible. Size: approx. 1". (Unrelated to Dragon Dice the collectable dice game.) Available in "bone" green, blue, or red
    $5.00 each.+ shipping

    Made by us here in Minnesota



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  • Lord & Lady Dice©:
    One might think that novelty dice are a modern idea. However, examples human-shaped dice date go as far back as the Roman Empire. This reproduction of a set of bawdy German dice dates from the 15th century and may represent Adam & Eve (before the fall -no fig leaves!). The originals are currently in a Museum in Germany. They are cast in resin to simulate the ivory of the originals. Size: approx. 1".

    $10.00 per pair.+ shipping
    Or $5.00 each + shipping for individual "lords," or "ladies"

    Made by us here in Minnesota



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  • Nightmare Dice©:
    Dice with a stylized skull carved on each side. The pips make up the eyes and noses. Size: approx. 1". Available in "bone," or red!

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    Made by us here in Minnesota


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  • "Ancient" Dice
    Dice with "bulls-eye" markings like this date back to ancient Rome, and have been found in archeological sites such as Pompeii. Similar dice continued to be used until the Middle Ages. We've molded ours in resin to simulate bone, or ivory. About 3/4" in size.

    New!Red Agate Roman era die
    We recently ran across an example a Roman-era die that was carved out of red colored agate. So we couldn't resist doing a small run of our "Ancient Dice" in red as well to see if there was any interestin the.

    We offer them individually for $5.00 each. + shipping

    Made by us here in Minnesota

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  • Want just one or two bones?
    for games that don't require a full set?
    You can by them individually at the same price as our other dice.

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  • A centuries-old variation on dicing. Also called a "Teetotum," or "Ante-up" the players each ante a coin, or two, then take turns spinning the top. The side that lands facing up tells you if must "put" more into the pot, or if you can "take" coins from it. Ours is an 8-sided style, molded in resin to simulate bone. Similar tops are used for "pirate" games like "Morgan's Revengetm" Approx. 1 3/8" tall.

    $5.00 each + shipping

    Made by us here in Minnesota

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  • There are a number of dice games that require 5 dice, so here's a special. Order five of our bone colored Dragon Dice, Nightmare Dice, or Ancient Dice and will give you $5.00 off the regular price!

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    Made by us here in Minnesota.

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  • Save $5.00 over purchasing our dice separately!

    • 1 set of Lord & Lady Dice
    • 1 pair of Ancient Dice
    • 1pair Dragon Dice
    • 1pair Nightmare Dice
    • 5 Knucklebones
    • 6 standard wooden dice
    • 1 Put & Take
    • Booklet of period dice games.
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