Cribbage game variations
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Cribbage Rules

The earliest precurser to modern Cribbage is called "Noddy" and dates back to the 1500's. We've included this, plus other 17th cenury variations, as well as modern versions for Solitaire Cribbage, or up to 7 players.
Newly updated with over 30 variations on Cribbage!
(Full list of variations below)

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Rules Variations
Standard Cribbage, Noddy, Early Cribbage, Costly Colours, Penneech, Wit & Reason, 7 Card Cribbage, Grid or Square Cribbage, 2 versions of 3 player Cribbage, 4 Player, 6 Player, Partner Cribbage for 5 or 7 players, Nineteen, Arizona Cribbage, 3 versions of Solitaire Cribbage, Losing/backwards or Lowball Cribbage, Black Hole, Speedo, Sevens & Eights, Fast Break, Pass Cribbage, Speed Crib, Cribbeach, Perfect Information, Draft Cribbage, Tableau Cribbage, Cribbage with Jokers, Pick Your Crib, No Regrets, Contemplation Cribbage, Rubber Band Cribbage.

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