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Checkers Rules

Sure, everyone knows Checkers, but try playing it with a die to tell you how many spaces you can move. Our sales of our portable Checkers game doubled when we started including our booklet of 20 variations on Checkers games. (Full list of variations below

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Rules Variations
Standard Checkers, Giveaway or Losing Checkers, Italian Checkers, Spanish Checkers, Scandinavian Checkers, German Checkers, Russian Checkers, Checkers Fox & Geese, Checkers Go-moku., Diagonal Checkers, Halma, Salta, Fields of Action, Knights, Pyramid, Reversi, Lasca, Good for Nothings, Dragon, Le Drinquet, Irish Draughts.

Games requiring extra Checkers pieces: Gothic Checkers, Turkish Checkers, Armenian Checkers,

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