One of the earliest forms of "dice." Our "bones" are full-sized (about 1.5" long), anatomically correct and molded in resin from actual sheep bones. They are so realistic looking that we have squeamish customers drop them when we tell them they are "bones." Knucklebones or man-made facsimiles of them continued to be used for children's games right up until the early 20th century.

The set comes in a draw-string pouch with 5 "bones", 6 standard wooden dice, and a 20-page booklet of dice games dating prior to 1700 as well as rules for "fivestones" and an acient form of divination using knucklebones.

But how do you score the knucklebones?
Easy! -they are used like four sided dice:
(1 pt for the "flat" side; 3 pts for the "concave" side; 4 pts for the convex side; 6 pts for the "twisted" side.) See the video below

The full set comes with a booklet of dice games with a knuckle bone scoring diagram
$20.00 per set. + shipping

Knucklebones/Dice Set

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