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Works Currently Available

Celtic Art Ouija Table

An oak coffee table with a Celtic med Ouija board, with animals symbolizing the four elements, and the Celtic holidays, or eel of the year" around the edge.
A look at the design process for the first of my Ouija tables.


This table has five legs and support rails forming a pentagon underneath it. For a negotiable extra fee it could be customized just for you with an insert to fit in the opening decorated with a pentagram, or some other five-sided design beneath the table.

Or, perhaps... even with a storage compartment for the engraved planchette that matches the table, or other items for your seance...

Celtic Art Dinette Table
This is a simpler version of the Ouija table design without the Ouija board, and without the Celtic holidays around the border on an oak dinette table.


 Matching Dinette and Coffee Table

An oak dinette and coffee table set both upcycled with a Celtic spiral and knotwork border design. Both were originally dining tables with a leaf, but their leaves are long missing, so they now have a little storage space underneath the gap when they are opened.
$700 as a set. $400 sold separately.




Oak Butcher block Table

4 feet in diameter, this up-cycled bar table features a an overall spiral pattern taken from the 7th century Book of Durrow one of the earliest illuminated versions of the Gospels found in Europe. The motifs for the 3 men and 3 dog patterns come from the Book of Kells. The originals measure less than an inch across in their original form. The horses are based on a stone carving in Scotland, and the birds are an original design. It includes a pedestal base.
(I have two other table tops this size waiting for designs)


Oak table










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