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Updated 11/05/08

History of Game Manufacturing

We've been in the business of researching and selling games of the past since 1995. Over the years we have received a number of questions on the history of manufacturing and printing early games, and have started to collect some of the information we have found so we can share it here on our website.

An 18th century caricature of a game seller showing some of his wares, tools and raw materials, such as the elephant tusk for ivory game pieces.

History of Playing Card Printing
History of board game printing

Early Game making images

An illustration of a man making a chess board and chess pieces being turned on a simple bow-powered lathe from Alphono X's "Book of Games" circa 1280 A.D.

Backgammon boards being constructed and pieces being turned on a simple lathe again from Alphonso X's "Book of Games".

Dice being hand cut, and shaped, and the pips being drilled with a simple hand-pumped drill, Alphonso X's "Book of Games"

Dice Maker's shopWorkers working with bones a dice maker's shop by by J. Amman, in the 16th Century, Manners, Custom and Dress During the Middle Ages and During the Renaissance Period

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